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The week started with a blast, so I dread to think what will follow. The miraculous plan announced on Mercury trine Neptune has reached the difficulties as per laws of nature. They ought to have asked astrologers. But then I wrote about it last week, and will not bore you with it again. If it shan’t be too late we’ll be back to Paulson’s plan in about a month.
We opened on a seemingly neutral new moon. Seemingly, for while it was far from the Jupiter square Pluto, it still fell on the midpoint between these planets. Once again the midpoint has proved an interesting prognostic tool. To be quite honest I have not expected it all to spread like wildfire so soon, at least not today. My bets would have been on the days near the coming weekend, due to the square of high-precision Uranus to an equally apt Lilith. What it means is that we are witnessing some breakthrough events here. I have written about how bleak our future might be back in December and January, in particular let me refer you to my article on Pluto. I wish I were wrong.
Going back to the midpoint JU/PL – if that is what happened, then the abyss is wide open, because Pluto is not one to let go. DJIA jumped over the Neptune planetary line, now there is Mars keeping guard at 10291, then a stronger Jupiter 10033, but once the Pluto line is reached there is only a headlong jump into a new, better (?) world. WIG20 has Saturn on 2324 and only at 2150 do we fin the Uranus line, which starts the wires.
The remainder of the week will fall under the influence of planets which are no pacifists. On Thursday we have a sextile of Mars and Pluto (the writers of “Saw” had to have these rather prominent in their charts): the god of war meets the god of the dead, the ravishment the possessors; ruthless manipulation. Two days later Mars enters Scorpio, which seems to have a similar ring to it (Pluto and Mars sharing custody of Scorpio). But before this happens, Mercury meets Lilith in sextile. The pair have already met in larger company (13-15.09.2008) and it was no playground affair. The end of the week sees the best being saved for last – Uranus square Lilith. The lord of Chaos, revolution, airplanes and modern technology (I can’t imagine life without the internet) in the ring with the mistress of Pure Evil and madness. As I once wrote, not much has been written on Lilith, but if my observations are correct and she is indeed responsible for crashes, we might be in for a historic event. Having said that, on the same day benevolent Jupiter meets sweet Venus, which could make us feel optimistic. However the day is Sunday and the latter aspect is much weaker than the former. Monday will see the activity of Jupiter, the benefactor of the Solar System. First a parallel to Lilith (something like a conjunct) which could symbolize Evil Magnified, though more likely good versus evil. The Sun square Jupiter later on shows significant moves will be at stake, while Mercury conjunct Sun indicates turning points. A potential day to end the trend Monday is, then.
What more? Saturn began the trip across Mars and the Ascendant is squaring Saturn in the DJIA horoscope. Briefly – when Saturn travels in personal horoscopes he activates the loss of weight.
This week the only relatively composed day will be the Thursday. With the rest based on the Lilith aspects, which instigate a great fear on the markets, in geopolitics or through natural events, the Mars and Pluto execution will be somber, if grim. Otherwise it could all be brutal and violent.
Again, I’m hoping to be wrong. Mercury is now retrograde, so neither technical analysis, nor other information can be truly trusted, as this is a time when the rational mind is asleep and mistakes are aplenty. The market situation is extraordinary and extraordinary times slip conventional interpretation. Lilith wakes the basest of all instincts, but is this situation not the result of those?
New Moon 10.12
ME sex LIL 19.37
MA sex PL 6.01
MA enter Scorpio 6.34
UR r square LIL 8.11
WE sex JU 10.22
JU parallel LIL 7.22
SU square JU 18.52
SU conjunct ME r 22.53
3.10 00.46 – 17.14
Syriusz 30.09.2008 00.09 CET
Translated by Tiamat

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